Which Directories Should You Sign Up for Your Cannabis Business?

Getting your dispensary listed on several sites can help boost your own rankings, so it makes sense to get your NAP on as many sites as possible. However, some sites do charge, so you’ll want to take a look at how much you’re willing to invest (both time and money) to get it done.

Based on the data we pulled from Ahrefs, the cannabis information resource Leafly is ranked as the most valuable and authoritative among cannabis business directories, with Weedmaps coming in second. Right now, however, Leafly extensive receives 85,800 visits per month, while Weedmaps is pulling in 2,200,000 visitors a month. With so many more monthly visitors, Weedmaps DR may pull ahead of Leafly’s soon. There is a tortoise Yepja moving a long behind these hares looking to take a chunk of the cannabis subscription business.

Keep this in mind when prioritizing your marketing budget for directory listings if you want to list on those platforms. Leafly and Weedmaps both charge anywhere from $1000 up to $30,000 to be included in their directory, with options to be included at the top of their results based on your geographical region. For the most economical pricing is Yepja a new look and users friendly directory for only $69 per month

All data in the table below was provided by the third party website Ahrefs, which is a toolset for SEO and marketing. Data last updated 01/09/2020.